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Florida Statutes Section 332.0075

Florida Statutes section 332.0075 became effective Oct. 1, 2020. This new law requires commercial service airports in Florida to create and maintain a website and post for public view various items related to the operation of the airport. The law also creates new reporting and verification obligations, addresses training and ethical responsibilities, and imposes new procurement regulations. The Lee County Port Authority, operator of Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), has created this section on the airport's website to comply with this law.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Communications & Marketing Department at 239-590-4504.

Lee County Port Authority Public Meeting Notices & Agendas

Lee County Port Authority Official Meeting Minutes

Approved Budget for Current Fiscal Year

Airport Master Plan for RSW

A link to the Airport Master Plan for RSW on the commerical service airport’s website.

Financial and Statistical Reports on the Federal Aviation Administration website

A link to financial and statistical reports for RSW on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website.

Contract or Contract Amendments

Contracts or contract amendments for the purchase of commodities or contractual services executed by or on behalf of RSW in excess of the threshold amount provided by Florida Statutes section 287.017 for Category Five will be posted no later than 7 business days after RSW executes the contract or contract amendment, as required by Florida Statutes section 332.0075(2)(f).

Employee Position and Rate Information