Frequently Asked Questions

General Airport Information

- Where is the airport?

- What identification is required to clear security?

- Can non-ticketed passengers go to the airline gates?

- How many carry-on items are allowed?

- How much preflight time should I allow when planning my trip to the airport?

- Which airlines serve the airport?

- Where can I smoke inside the airport?

- Are animals allowed inside the terminal?

- Which airline lounges/clubs are located at the airport?

- Does the airport have a duty-free shop?

- What are the food & beverage options at SWFIA?

- Where can I connect to the internet?

- Is there a place to store bags or other items?

- How can I page someone inside the terminal?

- How do I request a wheelchair or other assistance for an elderly or disabled passenger or for a child traveling alone?

- Does the airport have a mother's nursing room?

Lost and Found

- Who do I contact regarding lost items?

Flight Information

- How can I check on the status of a flight?

Parking Information

- What are the parking options at RSW?

Cell Phone Lot

- Is there a cell phone lot?

Lodging and Tourism Information

- Where can I find a hotel nearby?

- Where can I get tourism information about Southwest Florida?