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Procurement & Vendor Information

The Procurement Office acquires goods and services necessary to support the operations of Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) and Page Field (FMY) using procurement methods prescribed by policies adopted by the Board of Port Commissioners and laws adopted by the state of Florida.

Lee County Port Authority (LCPA) utilizes an e-procurement marketplace known as IonWave (a EUNA Solutions brand) to announce competitive opportunities and to receive bids and proposals. To do business with LCPA and to be notified of competitive opportunities, please register in IonWave through the Electronic Bidding and Vendor Registration link below. Registration is free of charge. For Vendor Support, call 866-277-2645, option 4, or email [email protected].

If you are a NEW VENDOR recently selected to provide goods and/or services to LCPA, the Procurement Team welcomes you!

  • Vendor onboarding starts here:
    • Register in IonWave using the link below, if you haven’t already
    • Review the Welcome New Business Partner Guide using the link below and follow the steps.
    • A vendor profile will be created in the financial system to generate a vendor number (unless payment is made via credit card).
    • In most cases, a W-9 and registration with the Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation to do business in the state of Florida are required.
    • A voided invoice is required to validate Remit To information
    • A purchase order will be provided, authorizing order fulfillment
  • Unless otherwise instructed, invoices are physically or electronically sent to Lee County Clerk of Court & Comptroller Finance Department, P.O. Box 2463, Fort Myers, FL 33902; [email protected]
  • Payment terms are Net 45 calendar days following receipt of an accepted invoice or as provided by applicable Florida statute.
  • LCPA is tax-exempt. (Click link below for certificate)

Procurement Agents are available to assist you with any questions you may have. Please email [email protected] or call 239-590-4560. The LCPA Procurement Team looks forward to working with you!

New and current vendors are encouraged to review our helpful guide, Doing Business with the Lee County Port Authority, for information about our procurement methods, the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) program, and the evaluation and award process.

IMPORTANT - Direct all communication to the Procurement Office. To maintain integrity and place trust in the procurement process, LCPA places lobbying restrictions on potential vendors and persons acting on behalf of a vendor. During active solicitations, communications with any member of LCPA, Airports Special Management Committee, Board of Port Commissioners, or any representatives of LCPA is prohibited. Inquiries must be made only to the Procurement Office. This important anti-lobbying provision is in effect from the time a solicitation is released and does not expire until a contract is fully executed or until the solicitation is canceled. See the LCPA Procurement Manual for more information.

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Additional Information:

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Electronic Bidding and Vendor Registration
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