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Airport Layout Plan

One of the key products of a master plan is a set of drawings that provides a graphic representation of the long-term development plan for an airport.  The primary drawing in this set is the Airport Layout Plan.  Other drawings may also be included, depending on the size and complexity of the individual airport.

The ALP depicts existing airport facilities and proposed developments as determined from the planners' review of the aviation activity forecasts, facility requirements, and alternatives analysis.

The five primary functions of the ALP that define its purpose are:

  1. An approved plan is necessary for the airport to receive financial assistance under the terms of the Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982 (AIP), as amended, and to be able to receive specific Passenger Facility Charge funding.  An airport must keep its ALP current and follow that plan, since those are grant assurance requirements of the AIP and previous airport development programs, including the 1970 Airport Development Aid Program (ADAP) and Federal Aid Airports Program (FAAP) of 1946, as amended.  While ALPs are not required for airports other than those developed with assistance under the aforementioned Federal programs, the same guidance can be applied to all airports.
  2. An ALP creates a blueprint for airport development by depicting proposed facility improvements.  The ALP provides a guideline by which the airport sponsor can ensure that development maintains airport design standards and safety requirements, and is consistent with airport and community land use plans.
  3. The ALP is a public document that serves as a record of aeronautical requirements, both present and future, and as a reference for community deliberations on land use proposals and budget resource planning.

  4. The approved ALP enables the airport sponsor and the FAA to plan for facility improvements at the airport.  It also allows the FAA to anticipate budgetary and procedural needs.  The approved ALP will also allow the FAA to protect the airspace required for facility or approach procedure improvements.

  5. The ALP can be a working tool for the airport sponsor, including its development and maintenance staff.

The ALP drawing set is a set of planning drawings and is not intended to provide design engineering accuracy.  Individual items such as runway coordinates, obstruction survey data, and application of airport design standards must comply with Federal survey standards.  The ALP preparer will need to define accuracy requirements for specific elements of the ALP in cooperation with the airport sponsor and approving agencies.

Excerpt from Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular 150/5070-6B, "Airport Master Plans"


Airport Layout Plan - RSW (PDF)